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Live courses with a lecturer in small groups.
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Live online courses with voiceover

Find out why thousands of students continue to study with us year after year. We will also help your child gain fluency in speaking.




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organized courses

Flexibility and convenience
Flexibility and convenience

Don't worry about the logistics. Your child can take classes from home.

Best teachers
Best teachers

The courses are carried out only by our qualified teachers from the school headquarters in Wroclaw. Polish teachers and native-speakers.

Scientifically proven method of repetition of vocabulary
Scientifically proven method of repetition of vocabulary

An online course in English-Line is much more than online lessons with a teacher. With our app, your child can repeat vocabulary words from lessons.

Your child will love learning in English-Line....

We rely on the best lecturers and a modern method....


Guaranteed small groups and great teachers. Learning with cool people in an intimate atmosphere is a pleasure....


Speaking and vocabulary Our method is geared toward communication and free speech.

szkoła języka angielskiego English-line

Your child will remember everything with our proprietary express vocabulary app.


Good fun because learning is more effective when it's fun....


Clear and simple rules, because we want to save your time.

How does it work?

Talk. Learn words. Have a nice time.


Just click on the link in the email. That's it! The highest quality equipment ensures full comfort and quality of lessons.

Remember everything
Remember everything

Our lecturers enter the material on myEnglish-Line after each class where it can be repeated on any device at any time.

New vocabulary
New vocabulary

All our activities focus on speaking and vocabulary. Children practice speaking in class and gain fluency.

Standard online

351zł od 316zł /month

Discount: first minute 10%

Launch: 03-15 October 2022

Lessons 2 times a week live with a professional speaker

Lessons with native-speakers (from B1 intermediate level)

Fixed group of 3-5 people at the same level

Lecturers introduce key vocabulary from
platform classes.

Access to the mobile application without limit even
after the course

Access to lesson materials with
lector's notes

Individual course

103zł 93zł /60min

Start anytime

Classes in a professional lecturer.

Intensity tailored to individual preferences.

Lecturers bring key vocabulary from class to platform

Access to the lesson materials along with the teacher's notes.

Access to the mobile app 6 months after the course.

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Frequently asked questions

Are materials provided in the course?

Yes. We use high-quality materials that are also used in our classroom courses.

Why are the courses in fixed groups?

A lesson with people you know is more fun. In our courses we guarantee a maximum of two regular lecturers and a fixed intimate group at the same level.

What if something stops working for me during class?

In case of problems, our technician will be happy to help with any issues.

Can I cancel during the course?

Yes. You can resign at any time with 1 month's notice effective at the end of the calendar month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

By making payment for the course, you agree to our terms and conditions for online services available here: https://online.english-line.pl/regulamin/ . The terms and conditions describe all the details of the service, the school's obligations 1 month notice period. There is no need to physically sign a contract.

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